Gear Ape

Gear Hangers / Helmet, Jacket Display and Storage

Gear Hangers / Helmet, Jacket Display and Storage

SKU: grhng
Gear Hangers
100% Steel
...Help to protect, store & display your Riding Gear .
Jackets, Gloves & Helmets are expensive. Give them the respect they deserve.
Whether you are done riding for the day or the season, your equipment deserves proper storage.
    Glove Clip (pictured) is Included
Choose Your Color:
Matte Black, Gloss Black, Matte White, Gloss White,
 Black Bed Liner. Hammered Bronze


Mounting hardware, and instructions included with each.
Helmet & Jacket Not Included. 
Made in the U S A
Helmet Accessories & inexpensive gifts.

Motorcycle helmet pigtails & ponytails.


Wholesale drop ship supplier &manufacturer.

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